Accompanying Program European Digital Week

Extra Conferences – additional conferences organized by companies, associations, unions and institutions.

  • Child Dignity in the Digital World Conference
  • International Conference on Digital Decisions in Cultural and Scientific Heritage

  • Women Entrepreneurship & Digital Technologies. E-leadership Conference

  • Digital transformation in the fashion industry Conference

Night Summit – a meeting place in an informal setting where, in addition to knowledge, interesting and useful contacts can be made.

Roundtables – roundtable discussions on current topics in various fields.

  • Journalism & Digital Technologies
  • Law in a Digital Age

Workshop – practical workshops where experienced professionals show the nature and practical nuances of working in technology.

Debate Stage – clearly structured and specially organized public exchange of thoughts and ideas between specialists on current topics

Forum – A kind of interest club, where people with different points of view, discuss a topic, share their ideas and experiences, conduct discussions, express their opinions.

  • PR & Media Communication Strategies in the Digital World. International Forum
  • The Digital Influencers Forum
  • The Digital Marketing Agency Directors’ Forum
  • 5G Europa 2020 Forum

Webinars – Webinars to be held online in real time.

Keynote Speech – reports on topics that are not included in the major conferences lasting no longer than one hour.

Speed Mentoring – A separate area where specialists in different areas of business will give practical advice on previously announced topics.

Networking – Special meetings in an appropriate atmosphere, with a preliminary invitation, to create specific business contacts.