European Digital Week 21.09 - 26.09 PLOVDIV / BULGARIA

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Includes European Digital Week

Main Program

The main program includes 24 major specialized conferences.

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Accompanying Program

The accompanying program includes additional events organized by companies, associations and institutions.

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DiTech Expo

National & Corporate expositions demonstrating innovative developments and technologies with practical focus.

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Become a speaker European Digital Week

What is European Digital Week

European Digital Week is a unique six-day experience uniting digital technology professionals and industry-leading brands with the latest and most advanced technology, solutions, and strategies. European Digital Week is specifically engineered to enable you to connect and establish relationships with the people you’re looking to meet. Our participants a global audience of those who are reimagining the future of technology. A variety of industries like Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare, Automotive, and more are represented by Business Development and Lead Gen Experts, Affiliates, Deliverability Engineers and much more.

Why Speak at Digital Week?

By speaking at Digital Week, you will be able to include your voice in an impressive roster of experts, innovators, and business leaders. Digital Week is a great platform to share your message and deliver strategies and ideas that our attendees need to grow their businesses. Our engaged audience is passionate about educating themselves with knowledge from industry experts like you. Speak at European Digital Week. Share your passion and expertise with our attendees.

Want to become an Speaker?

Why Attend? European Digital Week

If you want to to connect you with the people you’re looking to meet and find the right strategies, technology and insight to take your business or career to the next level.

Then European digital Week is the ideal event for you.

The European Digital Week program spotlights technology’s most influential leaders as partners and speakers, sharing insights on premiere technologies and what will continue to redefine the consumer technology industry in the future.

European Digital week is specifically designed for you to connect and build relationships with the people you’re looking to meet in a focused and navigable environment.
Go beyond the Conventional wisdom and learn the strategies that experts won’t reveal anywhere else! You’ll get actionable methods, unfiltered advice and real-world concepts through practical step-by-step sessions.
Engage in meaningful discussions and create long-term value with the people you meet on the exhibitor floor, at the cocktail hour, or our over-the-top after party.


Who Will You Meet? European Digital Week

Lecturers, sponsors and delegates of European Digital Week

More than 80 conferences, roundtables, forums in the core and accompanying program with over 600 speakers, 200 sponsors and 8000 delegates from all sectors of the economy

Representatives of state, municipal, non-governmental institutions and associations

The presence of invited senior heads of state, ministers, directors of major companies in Europe, Asia, America and Africa is an excellent opportunity for business expansion.

Invited Foreign Delegations

European Digital Week invites foreign delegations, representatives of industry organizations, associations, state and municipal structures, scientific and educational institutions.

Check out the program and select the activity that suits you best.